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Other Resources

If you want to learn more about Perl, Perl programming, and the Perl community, you might want to check out some additional resources:

  • The Perl Developer's Dictionary by Clinton Pierce This book serves as a reference once you've got the basics of the language down. It contains hundreds of code examples covering every topic in Perl.

  • The Perl Cookbook by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington This comprehensive collection of various problems, examples, solutions, and commentary on hundreds of problems is written in a cookbook format. Each problem is posed, a solution is presented, and then examples and explanations about the solution are included.

  • The Perl Review This quarterly journal is a subscriber supported magazine about the language and community of Perl. It contains articles contributed by members of the Perl communityprogrammers who use Perl every day. It is supported through subscriptions, but some back issues are available for free download.

For further reading about these topics, check out the following:

Internet History: Hobbe's Internet Timeline

History of Perl: CPAST

The Perl Journal


Online Documentation:

On your system, also

Eric S. Raymond's Open Source essays:

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